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Saratoga HR benchmarks allow you to compare and assess your workforce metrics against internal benchmarks and industry peers. Gain deep insights that nurture your most important HR and culture strategies so you can meet — and exceed — performance goals.

Drive better business decisions with HR benchmarks

Experiencing high turnover? Need to cut costs? Going through an acquisition or merger? Or do you just need to keep your organization lean? You may know your own metrics but it may not be enough to make your next strategic move.

39% HR leaders cite data analytics as one of their top 10 challenges

Source: PwC HR Tech Survey 2022

What if you could know how your HR metrics compare to others?

Without the context of benchmarks that compare your numbers to other organizations, it can be difficult to know what to do next. Saratoga can help.

Inform your workforce strategy with holistic insights

Make data-driven decisions

Go beyond anecdotal information and equip your leaders with facts, data and market trends to help inform talent decisions across various parts of the business. 

See how you compare

Assess the effectiveness and performance of your company’s workforce strategies by comparing key measures against those of external peers in the industry and broader market.

Identify gaps and drive action

Pinpoint your strengths and call out improvement areas. Determine areas for potential investment, where to allocate budget and resources and how to spend more effectively.

Improve experiences for your people

Understand how different measures impact your organization from DEI to compensation to team size to drive improvements in employee retention and engagement.

Make smarter, faster decisions in rapidly changing times

Saratoga can help companies that want to:

  • Stay competitive and informed relative to key workforce topics like DEI, turnover and hiring — amidst the rapidly changing world of work

  • Set and assess goals relating to HR performance and workforce initiatives

  • Manage and understand the impact of an acquisition, divestiture or other change

  • See the relationships and links between cost and organizational size to make wiser business decisions

Answer talent strategy challenges with comparisons against thousands of organizations

Tailored metrics and benchmarking

With over 400 companies, 20 industries and over 1,000 metrics, leaders can align insights to their unique business position and strategy for more holistic action planning.

Peer group comparisons

Evaluate your organization’s performance against others based on attributes such as industry, headcount size, revenue size and other benchmarks based on peers from around the world. 

Reliable and consistent data

Years of data and experience has gone into Saratoga to provide some of the most reliable, consistent and accurate data on the market.

Take the first step towards workforce transformation

Explore more insights on HR benchmarking and metrics

Resources to see when, where and how you can apply HR benchmarking to today’s biggest workforce challenges.