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How workforce analytics can help drive data-centric organizational design

Unlock the power of your people data

Your business’ success starts with your people. To stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape, you should understand your workforce and leverage the power of data to make informed decisions. And you need access to that data in real-time to shape business and the structure and design of the organization itself. 

Workforce analytics — and a people analytics platform — can help you achieve this by providing real-time insights, predictive modeling and actionable recommendations.

PwC can show you how a people strategy that leverages employee listening tools, HR analytics and surveys can bolster your overall employee retention and engagement strategies. Get insights about workforce sentiments and DEI metrics, benchmark your organization against industry peers — and more. 

Plan for what’s next with workforce analytics — and actionable insights

Keeping pace with today's dynamics requires planning for the future. PwC's surveying, analytical tools and predictive modeling can reveal real-time workforce insights that help you learn from the past and plan for the future. By understanding talent trends, accessing customized benchmarking and using predictive modeling, you can make data-driven decisions that will shape your organization's future.

Why are workforce analytics important? They can be critical for success, especially if your organization…

  • has concerns with rising attrition rates

  • can’t identify issues or predict resignations

  • doesn’t understand how to effectively deploy your people budget

  • has poor quality data on disparate HR systems

  • wants to develop a people analytics capability in your HR function

A reliable people analytics platform and effective tools can augment your overall talent strategy. Your workforce data doesn’t belong in a spreadsheet. It should be at the heart of every decision you make and action you take. The future of your business starts with — and depends on — your people. 

In a recent PwC HR Tech Survey, 50% of CEOs said their organizations currently use data analytics to find and keep the right people. But when asked what the biggest challenges their organizations are facing in relation to human capital, 39% of HR leaders said that HR insights and data analytics is among their top 10 HR challenges.

Use employee data to help transform your workforce — and your organization

PwC can help you bring your people data into focus, contextualize it and turn it into clear action. From benchmarking and predictive analytics to workforce planning and skills assessments, you can move quickly and confidently with the power of data.

Transform your workforce by leveraging the power of data-led insight. With tools like Saratoga, ProEdge and Listen Platform, you can revolutionize your approach to HR data analysis, upskill your organization at scale and make data-driven decisions that can enhance employee experiences. Learn more about how PwC can help you unlock the power of your people data and create a data-centric organizational design.


Basing your workforce decisions on data can help steer your organization toward future success with confidence. Workforce and HR benchmarking can provide a comparison of where your organization stands on culture initiatives to give you insight on where your gaps and strengths are. Listening and analytics tools can give you data-driven insights to help understand what your employees value — and why.

Saratoga is a workforce analytics and benchmarking platform that can empower you to create better employee experiences by providing deep insights. Quickly assess your organization to help identify operational gaps within your people practices and improve on the employee experience (EX) — and retention. 

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Listen Platform

Greater business practices begin with greater listening. PwC offers workforce transformation solutions that can help our clients put these strategies into practice, revolutionize their approach to HR data analytics, derive insights, and gain an understanding of their employees to help drive retention and attract top talent.

Listen Platform is a listening and analytics solution that can help you gather — and then use — employee feedback to help understand core motivators, opinions, attitudes, and experiences so you can base decisions on data, not just intuition. Your employees want to be heard, and Listen Platform can help you do just that. 

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Nearly 60% of US workers are confident they can thrive in the future world of work and adapt to new technologies. Smart managers make sure they get the right tools and training. Empower your people and they’ll power your business.

ProEdge is an end-to-end digital upskilling platform that helps you build a culture of continuous learning that can help jumpstart innovation, foster engagement and boost retention. Transform your organization from within by empowering people with the digital skills needed to help drive growth and efficiency.

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