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Transforming employee experience

Attract, retain and motivate talent in today's disruptive workforce landscape

The current environment is forcing many businesses to rethink the way they attract and retain talent, embrace change and create value. Where and how employees work is no longer a given. Many company cultures are no longer rooted in commuting to an office every day. To thrive, businesses should help employees adapt to new ways of working. This shift in talent strategy can help employees build the skills and behaviors they need to succeed.

Technology alone isn’t enough to transform business and boost results. Success takes people with the right skills, combined with the right technology. It’s time to get serious about workforce transformation and rethink how your workforce can be deployed. And this might mean re-evaluating what workers need to be more productive and generate value — like digital tools and interactive experiences that motivate and inspire employee engagement.

Meaningful work that helps increase retention — and revenue growth

How do you define employee experience? The new employee experience invites, empowers and inspires. This is about connecting meaningful work to those who seek it — and balancing the needs of the individual, the business and customers. 

A reimagined employee experience should also be centered on mutuality and trust. PwC’s community of solvers works with leaders to help create human-led, tech-powered, purpose-driven companies that people want to work for, customers want to buy from and stakeholders are proud to call a partner.

In today's disruptive workforce landscape, organizations should focus on employee retention and their employee engagement strategy to spur revenue growth. Three key levers to achieve this include providing fulfilling work with access to skills development, offering flexibility and fair pay and fostering an inclusive culture. Talent development can be crucial for employee engagement, and organizations should provide equitable opportunities for skill-building and growth. 

Taking a fair approach to compensation can also be essential, as financially stressed employees are more likely to seek higher-paying opportunities elsewhere. Benchmarking data can help organizations stay competitive in this area, and offering benefits such as student loan paydown plans and financial coaching can demonstrate care for employees' well-being. 

Lastly, fostering an inclusive environment goes beyond diversity, equity and inclusion buzzwords. Leaders should create a workplace that promotes community, collaboration and belonging, where employees feel listened to, seen and included. Implementing intentional strategies and using data analytics tools can help organizations better understand what attracts and motivates employees, ultimately leading to a more loyal and skilled workforce.

Leverage tech to build better employee experiences 

Greater business practices begin with greater listening. PwC offers workforce transformation solutions that help our clients put these strategies into practice, revolutionize their approach to HR data analytics, derive insights and gain an understanding of their employees to help drive retention and attract top talent.

Listen Platform

Listen Platform is a listening and analytics solution that can help you gather — and then use — employee feedback to help understand core motivators, opinions, attitudes and experiences so you can base decisions on data, not just intuition. Your employees want to be heard, and Listen Platform helps you do just that. 

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Basing your workforce decisions on data can help steer your organization toward future success with confidence. Workforce and HR benchmarking can provide a comparison of where your organization stands on culture initiatives to give you insight on where your gaps and strengths are. Listening and analytics tools can help by giving you data-driven insights to help understand what your employees value — and why.

Saratoga is a workforce analytics and benchmarking platform that can empower you to create better employee experiences by providing deep insights. Quickly assess how your organization stacks up against industry peers when it comes to DEI initiatives, turnover, engagement and more, so you can help improve employee experiences.

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Nearly 60% of US workers are confident they can thrive in the future world of work and adapt to new technologies. Smart managers make sure they get the right tools and training. Power your people and they’ll power your business.

ProEdge is an end-to-end digital upskilling platform that helps you build a culture of continuous learning that can help jumpstart innovation, foster engagement and boost retention.Help transform your organization from within by empowering people with the digital skills needed to drive growth and efficiency. 

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