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Tech-enabled change management

A key driver for greater ROI on human capital investments

Change is inevitable in any organization, but it can be challenging to implement. Institutional inertia often means that even a small shift in strategy or operations can cause a disruption. Allocating the necessary resources to embark on a change management campaign can be difficult. The change management process isn’t just about the budget it takes to invest in communication and planning software. There’s also the time spent by the people who manage the change and administer the program and time that employees commit to engaging with the change management team. 

The benefits of technology in change management

Assigning clear roles and mapping out a solid change management strategy can help you fully understand, plan, implement and communicate any changes in a way that brings everyone along. Implementing the right technology can help make many people's lives easier, especially if you can only assign tasks to a small group of people.

Change management tools should be able to tailor a change strategy plan to each stakeholder group.

They should help you get significant returns on your investment by:

  • Exploring impact assessments, readiness ratings, adoption curves and change activities

  • Replacing manual spreadsheets with automated digital workflows

  • Delivering customizable, personalized messages to employees via their preferred communication channels

  • Coordinated change management plans across transformation efforts and tailoring them to specific stakeholder needs and timing

  • Connecting employees across the company’s geographic footprint in unique and innovative ways

  • Helping to reduce overall business disruption

Effective organizational change management involves measuring adoption and tracking sentiment throughout the change journey, incorporating on-the-ground feedback to track progress and adapting your change plan to be more effective. During times of uncertainty, these are the key capabilities and benefits you need from technology: the ability to communicate, engage and activate workers to cultivate a unified experience and help people feel connected.

Workforce Experience products and offerings

Finding turnkey solutions that can bolster your efforts can help you drive efficiencies, mitigate disruption, boost retention and build a unified culture. Our Workforce Experience products and service offerings can help you execute on your change management strategy and bring everyone along for the ride. These tech-enabled solutions can also help your organization get a greater return on your human capital management (HCM) investments.

Next Level HR helps you get more from your HCM investments by delivering powerful insights that drive better employee experiences and enable improved decision making. It pulls data from your current HR systems, so you can streamline your benchmarking, diagnostics and other HR analyses — which is especially critical during change management efforts.

Listen Platform is a survey and analytics platform that helps you gather, and then use, employee feedback to help you understand their opinions, attitudes and experiences so you can base decisions on data — not just on intuition. This can be a critical capability as you’re formulating initial cultural findings and looking for ways to improve integration experiences.

ProEdge is an upskilling and citizen-led innovation platform that allows you to pinpoint critical skill gaps and effectively help close them with automatically generated personalized learning pathways. Leading curated content, coursework and hands-on learning empower your workforce to make an immediate impact at scale. 

A tech-enabled change management approach that gets results 

Having the right technology, like our Workforce Experience products, can help make implementing your change management strategy easier and help you manage it more effectively. Additionally, by emphasizing the importance of agility and resilience in the face of future challenges, you can position your company as a thought leader in the industry and help drive innovation and growth — while getting greater ROI on your HCM investments.

By focusing on the human experience of change and using technology to support your efforts, you can create a more engaged and productive workforce. As the world continues to evolve, it's important to stay ahead of the curve and be prepared for the challenges that may come your way. With Workforce Experience products, you can help get your organization future-ready.

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