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Workforce Architect

Workforce Architect enables you to create and evaluate multiple workforce design scenarios. Quickly compare multiple strategies, financial impacts and trade-offs by assessing decision-making levers to help realize financial and organizational goals.

Workforce structuring: a balancing act

The need for rapid business transformation is driving new business decisions and potential transactions at record speed. At the same time, outside forces are pushing companies to reimagine their workforce experiences and retention strategies.

What if you could envision the impact of multiple workforce scenarios before putting a plan into action?

Envision workforce scenarios and put the best plan forward

Flexible scenario modeling

Create and compare various workforce structure scenarios side-by-side. Examine the people and financial impacts of each.

Link financial targets with organizational design

Quickly understand the people and financial impact of various workforce scenarios on your enterprise.

Respond to changing market conditions with data

Pull key workforce data from internal systems and other sources so you can have the visibility needed to take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Reduce friction with real-time collaboration

Cloud-based environment houses inputs from various HR data sources for a centralized view, encouraging deeper, real-time decision.

Measure financial and people impact

From examining alternative compensation plans and headcount to interim and post-close operation structures, Workforce Architect helps companies who want to:

  • Roll out workforce cost targets — quickly 

  • Model various workforce levers in real-time based on specific business scenarios

  • Create a reliable, single source of truth for workforce costs planning

  • Track costs and savings of restructuring and deal activity over time

Plan for the future of business with Workforce Architect

Real-time modeling and insights

Drag-and-drop visuals allow you to compare the different trade-offs and impacts of scenarios, as well as regulatory considerations.

Create a holistic view of your data

Link other HR data sources for a holistic view of your workforce and financials to help identify duplicated functions or activities.

Stay on track for growth

Understand your workforce strategy performance on multiple levels. Spans and layers analysis allows you to compare actuals against budget and to address potential gaps.

Collaborate with stakeholders

Engage with workforce scenarios across your organization using secured, cloud-based technology that helps drive more transparency and strategy implementation buy-in.

Take the first step towards workforce transformation

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