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ProEdge is an upskilling and citizen-led innovation platform that helps you understand your people’s skills — and gaps — and provide them with personalized and engaging learning tools.

Empower transformation from within

With the continual need to evolve digital capabilities to meet fast-changing demands and market conditions, companies must accelerate their digital transformations with a skilled and engaged workforce.

#1 Hiring and retaining talent 77% say hiring and retaining talent is most critical growth driver

#2 Digital transformation 60% say digital transformation is next leading growth driver

Source: PwC 2022 Pulse Survey

What if you could empower your people to solve important problems in the digital world with new ways of working?

Go beyond traditional upskilling

Drive transformation

Help strengthen digital and human skills, promote automation and access a library of pre-built digital assets to accelerate business processes and foster a culture of digital innovation.

Deepen the employee experience

Provide adaptive, personalized learning experiences curated from over 100,000 pieces of content that employees can instantly apply to everyday work practices.

Enable top line growth

Create learning pathways based on company goals, roles and associated skills that can empower your people to find and create more revenue and innovation opportunities.

Build your company of tomorrow—today

ProEdge is the right tool for companies who want to:

  • Prepare their workforce with the skills necessary to deliver future products and services

  • Attract and retain high-quality talent 

  • Drive technology adoption and improve ROI

  • Increase operational efficiencies with citizen-led innovation and creativity

Want to dive deeper into ProEdge’s features and learning ecosystem?

Upskill your workforce and innovate at scale

Train and prepare your workforce to use automation, embrace new tools and become innovators.


Use AI to understand skill gaps and automatically curate personalized learning pathways for each role based on skills needed — and monitor progress along the way.


Deliver curated, relevant content via desktop and mobile. Real-world scenarios and industry-leading credentials help people apply new skills to real business situations within their function.


Share and suggest automations that eliminate time-consuming manual processes. Leverage a library of pre-built automation assets that use a variety of technologies to automate business processes.

Take the first step towards workforce transformation

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