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Listen Platform

Listen Platform is a survey and people analytics digital platform enabling organizations to gather, analyze, interpret and act on feedback from employees, customers, stakeholders in one, easy-to-use application.

Employees and customers want to be heard

But many organizations lack the appropriate tools to listen when it matters most. As a result, performance, culture and satisfaction can erode as companies take their top guess in forming engaging employee and customer experiences.

88% CHROs find the quality and availability of credible workforce and people data to be a challenge in addressing future of work priorities.

Source: PwC’s 2021 US Pulse Survey

What if the decisions you make about your business could be driven by data, not just by intuition?

Improve workforce experiences as you drive business results

Tailor experiences, drive engagement

Make data-driven decisions to refine your workforce strategies that help retain your talent and improve experiences throughout the employee journey.

Maintain trust while you transform

Stay connected through changing work conditions and empower people to give feedback about what they need.

Pinpoint hotspots to target efforts

Identify outliers who may need extra support and help front-line managers take charge of planning so they can monitor the situation and focus resources accordingly.

Enrich the relationship with your workforce

Listen Platform helps companies who want to:

  • Increase workforce engagement, retention and productivity

  • Improve candidate and new hire experience

  • Improve employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX)

  • Realize value (ROI) of change and transformation efforts

Engage with your workforce, analyze feedback and act

Curate expertly-crafted questions

Use your own content or leverage a wide-range of templates and questions on a variety of topics, crafted by industrial organizational (IO) psychologists and experienced practitioners. 

Go beyond results

Uncover areas of opportunity and analyze data with configurable dashboards and reports using AI-driven analytics. 

Launch into action

Use guided tasks to help you quickly and easily move from analysis to action planning to improve experiences.

Enable people analytics

Go beyond survey data. Feed other data sources into Listen for a holistic people analytics platform.

Take the first step towards workforce transformation

Explore more insights on people analytics

Resources to see when, where and how you can apply surveys and people analytics to today’s biggest workforce challenges.